Frequently Asked Questions..

How do I buy fudge tokens?

- Go to then setup your account. 

- Choose Buy token from the header

- Select the amount you would like to purchase and complete the transfer of crypto from your wallet to our applicable token wallet address.

- To expedite your fudge wallet token update on our site, kindly join telegram and send the fudge admin your TX hash.

Can I transfer the fudge token to my external wallet(trust, smart chain, etc)?

- Yes, you will only be able to do this once we have completed the ICO and listed on Pancakeswap.

When we can send the tokens we buy to our trust wallet etc?

- Once we have listed on above mentioned platform we will send through all tokens due.

Which crypto tokens are accepted to buy fudge tokens?


- NB: monero is temporarily unavailable

Is it okay to leave my tokens in the fudge account even after ICO ends?

- All users tokens will be transferred to their designated BEP20 wallet addresses within 30 days.

- We recommend you providing us with the wallet address immediately after the ICO

Can I make money by referring?

- Yes, You can make money by the referring program. Share your referral link in you network or circle and if they buy tokens using your given link, you will be get a percentage back.

How to refer anyone?

- Get the referral link from the below link and ask them to register using the provided link.

What receiving wallet do we need to include? 

- Preferably your Trust wallet or MetaMask wallet.

How do I put my fudge in my trust wallet?

- Fudge team will transfer all users tokens to their designated wallet addresses after the ico ends.

How do I send my TNX to the admin?

- Get the TNX ID from and direct message admin in telegram @fudgetoken_admin

Where can I find the Whitepaper?

Follow this link

What exchange will fudge be on when it launches?

Pancakeswap at first and then many more over the coming months.

How long does it take for my tokens to reflect in my account?

24-48 hours after we confirm your payment and all verifications is complete.

Where is the team located?

The bulk of our team is based in Helsinki, Finland though we do have other staff located globally.

Where are your offices?

  • - Operations are based in Finland,  temporarily due to COVID, we are currently working remotely globally. 
  • - The actual address details on our website are for mailing purposes etc. only and not our physical work address. 
  •    So no physical visits  to our place for now guys, unless you would like to stay at the hotel  located there . 
  • - Once work safety conditions have normalised with herd immunity for COVID we will post our new address online.

What is your contact number as we see it is similar to RedHat Holdings?

  • - We have a VOIP number that is used for certain legal verification purposes. This is not for customer support etc.

  • - REDHAT is not affiliated with us in any way. This is a direct link to their website.
  • - The article link being shared on telegram claiming its the same number as ours, is not true as their offices are in CYPRUS and not Finland. 
  • - They appear to have the same number in a different country with a different country code  to us- CYPRUS.

- Here is the link:

How do we message the admin on telegram for ne help or assistance?

Join our telegram group : 

Then message the admin directly.  @fudgetoken_admin

Is there a community portal or channel for updates and help?

Yes you can join telegram and our family channel : Fudge Token Family

Is their a linkedin profile for Fudge?

Yes we have a linked page for the FUDGE company but not for individual team members.

Any individual profiles depicting that they work for FUDGE are probably fake.

Where can I find articles about fudge token?

We have many articles online either through paid press releases or through organic news posts. 

Here are just a few: